Our Commitment to Quality & Reliability

Quality Assurance

Our Commitment to Quality & Reliability

Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance

Fool Proof ‘Quality Systems are laid down & practiced from design to commissioning of job to ensure that they are being produced to meet the requirement of National & International standards’. 

Quality Control

The quality of materials, workmanship is maintained as per required standards by group of experienced, trained & skilled quality control engineers, technicians with precision measuring instruments & testing facilities. The quality is defined in very initial stage by following documented methods. 

Quality Assurance Plan

Defines Procedures & Norms of Engineering. Procurement, Manufacturing Testing – acceptance norms, Packing & Forwarding & Commissioning etc. 

Welding Procedure Specification 

Welding procedure is written document that provides direction to welder for making production welds in accordance with Code ASME Section IX requirement. This WPS is qualified by us in accordance with Article II listed in Appendix E which is adopted in accordance with Article V, WPS under which welding is performed. These conditions include the base metal that are permitted, the Filler metals that must be used & pre heated / post heat treatment requirement are referred on welding ‘variables.’

During the actual manufacturing process, the quality is maintained & assured by adopting following steps 

  • Raw material inspection
  • Stage & final inspection
  • Assembly Inspection
  • Load / No load trials

The following records are always maintained to review / recheck the quality in future for standards maintained in products manufactured

  • History documents of manufacturing process.
  • Material Test Certificates, Manufacturing Test Certificates, Inspection Reports, Third Pary Inspection Reports, Inspection Reports of Packing & Forwarding.

Human Resource Development 

We believe that our employees are our most important resource. About 60 employees are associated with the growth of our organization. "Abacus" regularly conducts the training programme for each & every employee to improve the performance & efficiency of individuals & the organization to realize the full potential of the employees, the company is committed to,

  • Provide work environment that makes the employee committed & motivated for maximizing productivity.
  • Establish systems for maintaining transparency, fairness & equality in dealing the employees.
  • Empower employees for enhancing commitment, responsibility & accountability .
  • Encourage teamwork, creativity, innovativeness & high achievement orientation.
  • Provide growth & opportunities for developing skill & knowledge. Ensure functioning of effective communication channels with employees.
  • Provide orientation programs for new recruits & training-development program for employees.